Ricky Hu

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Academic achievement

2017 - present PhD candidate. University of Western Australia (Australia)

2017 First class Honours of Biotechnology. University of Western Australia (Australia)

2016 Bachelor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. University of Western Australia (Australia)

Research area

Now I'm working on the project of Amborella pangenome and soybean pangenome. And at the same time, I am interested in the populational based genomics study.


Hu, H., Scheben, A. and Edwards, D., 2018. Advances in integrating genomics and bioinformatics in the plant breeding pipeline. Agriculture, 8(6), p.75.

Yuan, Y., Lee, H., Hu, H., Scheben, A. and Edwards, D., 2018. Single-cell genomic analysis in plants. Genes, 9(1), p.50.

Valliyodan, B., Cannon, S.B., Bayer, P.E., Shu, S., Brown, A.V., Ren, L., Jenkins, J., Chung, C.Y.L., Chan, T.F., Daum, C.G. and Plott, C., 2019. Construction and comparison of three reference‐quality genome assemblies for soybean. The Plant Journal.

PAG Poster

The link to store my poster in PAG 2020.

[PAG poster, https://github.com/lakeseafly/PAG_poster/blob/master/Poster_PAG_Am_pan.pdf]



PhD candidate (Applied Bioinformatics)

School of Biological Sciences

University of Western Australia

Perth, WA, 6009