Bhavna Hurgobin

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Academic achievement:

MSc: Bioinformatics, The University of Melbourne (Australia)

BE: Biomedical (Biocellular), The University of Melbourne

Posts held:

2014 - present PhD student in the Applied Bioinformatics group, The University of Western Australia

2013 - Research assistant in the Applied Bioinformatics group (then based at The University of Queensland, Australia)


List of publications can be found at

Awards and Prizes:

September 2016: SAFS travel award, The University of Queensland

January 2014: UQ Research Scholarship, The University of Queensland

July 2011: VLSCI MSc Bioinformatics Bursary, The University of Melbourne


Bhavna Hurgobin

PhD Candidate

School of Plant Biology

University of Western Australia

Perth, 6009